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Our Process

Our teams show one thing:
Our process gets results like nothing else.

24-Hour Launch

We start selling for you by tommorow.

Rapid Scale

We keep creating the team for you.

Endless Expansion

We create new ways to expand with you.

Within 24 hours we make an assessment of your audiences behavior, set up all the tech, and deploy top 1% sales reps with the right personalities and a 120+ IQ to start selling.

We approach rapid scale by filling each full-time closers calendar with up to 80 new sales opportunities to close per week, reviewing and coaching to KPI, and then adding more reps.

Then we have a consistent and highly predictable machine we continue to feed with strategies, offers, etc.

Our Results

After investing millions of dollars and more than a hundred thousand hours in research, testing, and iterations, we’ve solved the problem.

Our services have now helped hundreds of clients, as evidenced by documented successes.

Without Us

 If you went the route of trying to do all this on your own, unfortunately you’d be dealing with the following costs just to set it all up:

Salespersons, ($80k x 3) $240K
Sales Director, $190K
Sales Coach, $75K
Sales Admin, $60K
Marketing, $100K
Business Coaching, $100K
+ Commissions

That’s over $750k in hard costs, a year of working over-time hours to set all of it up, and it’s still unlikely work because at least 50% of people you hire won’t stick.

Essentially, leaving millions to tens of millions of dollars on the table. 


Gone are the days of you paying salaries or retainer fees to employees or agencies for sales – to no avail.

With us, you pay for what we produce. 

If we don’t make you sales, you don’t pay!

You’re Probably Asking…

What is Vast Cause Consulting?

Vast Cause Consulting is a virtual sales organization. We are a dedicated team specializing in growing companies with the capacity to sell online. We design, develop, and deploy high-performance sales teams. Our expertise spans the entire spectrum of the sales cycle, including the integration of cutting-edge tech solutions, optimal setter-to-closer strategies, and a unique commission model. 

How do you make an assessment of my audience?

We use a method of analyzing the online behaviours of your target audience(s). We’re able to determine how exactly to communicate and get postive responses and ultimately sales.

Do you set up the CRM, AI, and other software tools etc?

Yes, we pay for and set up all the latest technology ourselfs for you. You won’t have to spend a penny or minute on software with us.

What are the “right” personalities you hire?

We send each rep through extensive formal personality testing in order to ensure that we only have people on the team who are:

  1. Responsible
  2. Energetic
  3. Proactive

We disqualify anyone with those traits in a low range or are:

  1. Irresponsible
  2. Passive
  3. Inactive
Do all the reps you deploy really all have a 120+ IQ?

Yes, send each rep through extensive formal IQ testing and disqualify anyone with below a 120 IQ.

What if I don't have a sales team?

We’ll create the team for you and make sure everything that goes a long with that is set up for success.

Do you work with our existing Marketing/Sales team?

Yes, we do. Our goal is to complement and elevate your existing team. We’ll collaborate closely, providing tools and strategies to maximize calendar capacity, optimize outreach, and improve show and close rates.

What are the expectations from me (founder) to get started with you?

We expect clear communication of your business goals and any challenges you’re facing. From there, we’ll guide you on the necessary steps and commitments to ensure we achieve your scaling objectives together.

How many sales reps can you deploy for me?

There’s almost no limit to how many reps we can deploy for you, we have a database of millions of reps to pull from. We start by filling one full-time closers calendar to near capacity to prove the system then we scale.

How soon will sales start coming in?

Our team will be on the phones selling within 24 hours of you getting approved and started with us. The time to get deals closed varies.

What are the typical appointment setting and closing ratios?

Every business and industry is unique but we can usually expect at least:

  • 10% live connect ratio with our lists we call, text, and email.
  • 30% appointment set ratio on cold lists , 60% on warm leads.
  • 60% show rate on appointments set.
  • 20% close rate on leads from cold outreach, 40% on warm leads.
How do you train the team?

Every represenative is given basic training before they start.

We coach all the reps daily by first reviewing their stats and call recordings for any outpoints. Then we get on a 1on1 call to address the theory of what they should do followed by application of the theory through drilling and practice.

We use a system that is used by elite multi-billion dollar organizations and smaller but rapidly expanding million dollar organizations alike.

We also make sure what they’re doing and saying is compliant with all laws and regulations pertaining to the industry and location of your business.

Can you help me optimize my offers?

Yes. The best way to optimize your offerings is to make high volumes of offers to your audience(s), this is the most direct and effective way to optimize your offers. We’ll recommend solutions to optimize your offers to add value and increase prices so we can all win more.

What if I grow too fast?

We will deploy quality control experts to make sure that you are able to deliver at scale.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes, here are the details:

  • For each referrals you provide that pays $100,000 to Vast Cause Consulting you will be paid $10,000.
  • You will be paid in $1,000 in increments for every $10,000 paid to Vast Cause Consulting from your referrals up to $100,000.
  • We will send your commission to your preferred payment method such as Wire / ACH transfer, PayPal, or Crypto.
How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. Click the “Learn more” button below to contact us directly. We’ll schedule an initial consultation to discuss your business’s current state, goals, and challenges. After understanding your unique needs, we’ll craft a personalized plan of action to help your business thrive.

Disclaimer: The success stories featured here represent extraordinary outcomes achieved and should not be taken as a guarantee of similar success. Results from our services vary widely — some clients achieve significant profit growth, while others may not experience immediate or significant financial gains. Success in this field depends on a variety of factors, including individual effort, market conditions, and the unique challenges of your business. We are proud of the achievements of our clients, but it’s important to understand that these achievements are exceptional and not typical. There is no standard or average result in our field; every individual’s success story is unique. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk, and there is no guarantee of financial gain.